Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer's Lessons

My experience working with Lackawanna Pro bono has given me so much to look forward to where my career goal in the legal profession is concerned, and I couldn’t be more excited. Knowing the hardships low income earners in our community face, to me, it remains my greatest joy that I got to be a part of an organization that sought to unburden these individuals of their legal issues by providing attorneys who are willing to give free legal consult and representation to 4 of every 5 eligible clients in need. I was also given the opportunity to work alongside brilliant staff including attorneys who ensured that my experience at this organization was one I will remember for a long time to come. Their encouragement and assurance that I could handle whatever task I was given have enhanced my confidence and critical thinking skills to levels I never thought possible.

The most challenging aspects of my experience this summer were instances in which I had to keep on a brave face while attending to clients whose hopes and dreams had been shattered due to the decisions they had made throughout their lives. Some of these individuals were at the verge of losing everything they had spent years building if they could not afford a lawyer or find one to take their cases Pro bono. Although these issues were sad and heartbreaking, I learned to handle such cases with grace and remain strong for clients even when they do not have any strength to carry on.  In fact, this summer has been the most rewarding and lesson-filled season of my life.

Paula Awuku
Political Science

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  1. Although it may have been the hard way, it's great you got to learn a new skill you may not have had prior to this internship. Keeping strong for your clients is important and now you can do just that. All experience is amazing and I'm glad you had the opportunity to work at a company like this!