Friday, August 18, 2017

Moving Forward

I find myself truly grateful to have been given this summer internship opportunity as it soon comes to an end. Looking back to my first day, I was extremely nervous about being a part of a professional setting for the first time. Although, going into it, I knew I wouldn’t be responsible for anything other than maintenance of the clinic, I wasn’t quite sure how to properly carry myself. Through the guidance of my supervisor and her staff, I am now equipped with a skill set that will enable me to thrive in my future as a physical therapist. Most physical therapy internships solely involve observation and questions. I, however, was fortunate enough to have been given a little more responsibility as an intern. As I mentioned earlier in the summer, I have conducted a single-patient case study through monitoring the patient’s exercise program and tracking the progression of her knee injury. Being involved in her rehabilitation was the most rewarding part of my internship, even though I played a very small role. I’m not allowed to say much about the patient due to HIPAA regulations, but I am excited to hear about the future steps she takes towards full-recovery! Though the benefits of being an intern have outweighed the hardships, this summer was not a completely smooth sail. The world of physical therapy as it stands is extremely detailed and complex. Thus, trying to learn as much as possible about the field in three short months has been rather difficult. I have taken endless pages of notes and have also researched various related subjects to provide as much depth to my knowledge of physical therapy as possible. At the conclusion of this experience, I am even more excited to become a successful physical therapist! Additionally, I would like to thank the administration of The Royal Experience Summer Internship Program for my acceptance and their attentiveness to the students.

Everett Minchew
Exercise Science


  1. Your internship sounds exciting and rewarding. Im happy you were able to be involved and hands on. Im happy you got the most out of your experience!

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  3. I agree that it was hard to learn everything we could in just a few short weeks! I feel like there is still so much to learn after my internship has come to close. It sounds like your rewards outweighed hardships which is awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed your internship!