Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer in the Fast Lane

This summer, I am interning at Speedway Motorsports Incorporated in Concord, North Carolina. Speedway Motorsports, Inc. is a leading marketer, promoter and sponsor of motorsports activities in the United States. The Company, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates eight first-class racing facilities in significant markets across the country.

After starting the summer by helping the staff execute two large NASCAR event weekends at Charlotte Motor Speedway, I am ready to learn how the pieces come together to form the puzzle that is a NASCAR race weekend.

NASCAR is much more than just forty stock cars racing around a speedway for an afternoon. NASCAR is a sport that welcomes many Fortune 500 companies to partner with race teams and race tracks to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and open the doors for business-to-business opportunities. During my internship this summer, I hope to learn how a company like SMI draws new partners to the sport and how they retain their clients with post-event sponsorship fulfillment reports.

My passion is motorsports and it is my aspiration to work in the motorsports industry after college. As a college student, I strive to do all that I can to gain an understanding of the sport and the different facets that exist in it. My internship at SMI will help me to learn about another facet in the sport and will connect me with professionals in the sport that I hope to work in one day.
NASCAR Monster Energy Series Victory Lane at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Coca-Cola 600 Victory Lane at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Mark Miller
Marketing/Business Administration


  1. That's awesome that you found and internship that correlates your love of motorsports with your major. I'm sure NASCAR is much more than what it appears to be to the crowd- I am finding the same thing with my internship. The public does not realize how much goes into an event such as NASCAR and how many alternative goals it may have- such as advertising business. Your pictures are really neat! Thanks for showing them.

  2. I think it's really cool that you already know what career field you want to enter when you graduate college. It's also awesome that you were able to find a internship that helps you make your dream job become a reality. From the photos you posted, and the enthusiasm in your post, I can tell you really enjoy what you're doing. I wish you the best of luck in your future with NASCAR.