Monday, June 26, 2017

Starting My Summer

As I start my summer internship of conducting neuroscience research in Dr. Marc Seid's laboratory at the university, I am both excited and anxious for this experience. During the course of the summer, I hope to learn how to properly run my own experiments and collect data in order to publish a paper on my research. While that may seem like a few simple things, there is a lot of learning that goes into each one of my goals. To truly learn how to run my own experiments requires a great amount of trial and error and can take a large amount of time. For each experiment I set up, I will be collecting data that may or may not be useful in the long run.  I hope to learn how to collect data in such a way that will best allow for it to be analyzed by myself or any other students and faculty I might collaborate with.

By achieving these goals I have set forward, I hope to gain valuable knowledge and experience for a future career in research. By working in a lab setting this summer, I will have a chance to experience the work environment I plan to move on to after my undergraduate education. I hope that this experience will teach me necessary skills and techniques that will help me continue on the career path I have set forward.

Sarah Ricupero

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