Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Onward & Upward

What I hope to learn from this amazing experience is what I need to do as a female individual to be prepared to the best of my ability for my future in law enforcement. In a male dominated field I want to represent females in the most encouraging way possible. I would like to not only meet people from within the USMS (US Marshals Service), but I hope to network with several different agencies and to create for myself a sturdy platform to build off upon graduation. Having contact with people who work for the federal government is a great way to learn little details that the general public may not know, such as agencies I should apply to, things I should avoid, and most importantly how I should prepare myself efficiently and effectively. I anticipate that this experience will also show me what to expect when I enter the work force. Things may not always be what you expect, and I need to learn to take the good with the bad; I expect to encounter both ends of the spectrum while interning for the USMS. I hope to gain information that will help expand on my preexisting knowledge in the criminal justice area that will help me moving forward, not only in my future career, but during my time still here at The University of Scranton.

Below are some pictures!

Allison Santoro

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  1. I like how you mentioned your internship is very male dominated because I can relate to that. I am interning at a coroner's office and forensic center, and there are less than a handful of women here! I have the same aspirations as you do. Sounds like your internship is going well so far- I wish you the best of luck!